Zdjęcie prezesa Rafała Pawłowskiego

Rafał Pawłowski - CEO

An IT engineer by education. Due to his illness, he has been using a wheelchair for 10 years.

Founder of the Foundation and its originator. In the Foundation, apart from organizational matters, I deal with writing grant appeals and fundraising. He is strongly involved in projects involving the sport of disabled people, culture and accessibility. There is also a measure of the Citizens’ Dialogue Commission for the disabled at the Krakow City Hall.

For several years, an instructor at camps and active rehabilitation classes for children with motor disabilities. He also collaborated on projects with the United Nations Implementation for the Disabled in Poland.

Coordinator of projects : Sports training – Cross fitness wheelchair, Counseling for people with physical disabilities, Accessible culture, Lessons for children.

Trainings and coordinator: Savoir Vivre for people with disabilities and Disabled Customer Service. He conducted trainings for public institutions (including the Statistical Office), corporations, universities (including AWF), main schools, hotels.

Foundation Board

Zdjęcie prezesa Rafała Pawłowskiego

Rafał Pawłowski

Krzysztof Bobrek - księgowy Fundacji

Krzysztof Bobrek

Zdjęcie członka Zarządu Pawła Szparagi

Paweł Szparaga

Foundation Council

Anna Glajcar

Anna Glajcar

Arkadiusz Warchał

Kasia Gucwa

Katarzyna Gucwa

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