What we do

Wheelchair crossfit

We conduct cross fitness training for people with physical disabilities. Thanks to the training, participants can increase their strength and range of physical abilities.


We offer training in savoir vivre for disabled people and disabled customer service. We discuss different types of disabilities and are led by experienced instructors.

Integration events

We organize various workshops, picnics, bonfires, trips and integration events to integrate people with disabilities with the rest of society. Activities eliminate social exclusion


Dancing is form of social rehabilitation, which is why we conduct dance workshops for people in a wheelchair. The workshops are conducted by an experienced dance instructor.


The aim is to make cultural events more accessible for people with disabilities. We organize visits to theater performances, museums, philharmonics and operas.

counseling for the disabled

We provide counseling for people in wheelchairs in the selection of rehabilitation equipment, prams, rights, forms of subsidies or forms of rehabilitation.

Support us

Support us in our activities and help people with disabilities

How can I help?

Are you a representative of a unique company, or maybe a wonderful person who wants to support our pupils and the activities of the Foundation?
We encourage you to support important initiatives. Here are the ways to meet the needs of our pupils.

Make a Donation

Make a donation for statutory purposes, then you support the most necessary goals. You can also select a specific goal. If you are a natural person, deduct up to 6% from your income, companies up to 10%.

Support regularly

You can support us with a donation for statutory purposes, then you support the most necessary goals and projects. You can also choose the design that best suits your beliefs

Our Training

Our services are provided at the highest level in the field of training and savoir vire workshops for people with disabilities and customer service with disabilities.We run them stationary and online.

Become a partner

We offer the possibility of long-term cooperation and placing your company's logo on our website and advertising materials, the possibility of training or a joint social campaign.

Support the Project

You can support one of our projects by becoming a partner of a selected project. Then we offer profits. Also, if you have your idea for a project, let me know - we will implement it together!

make the challenge

Challenge your employees through physical activity. The action is to run or cycle your employees. The collected kilometers will be converted into the amount of support.

Become our Volunteer

Do you want to help? Do you have a lot of enthusiasm and want to prove yourself in a group of people passionate about helping? Contact us!


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